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Solid Systems Customer Case Study

Founded in 2003, Solid is a leading IT solutions provider specialising in delivering outsourced IT services to businesses in the most human way possible. Solid is based in South Africa, with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London.


Define their purpose

Their lack of Brand Personality and more importantly Brand Narrative, made them appear like every other IT company, boring, predictable and extremely complicated. We were tasked with building a Brand Narrative and reflecting that narrative throughout the entire business from the identity and website to internal processes and communication.


Create a story and adjust their look and feel to reflect their purpose more authentically

The Logo and Identity were refined to reflect a more human approach. The identity and typography were tweaked according to best design practices. Small changes made a big difference.

Their Positioning:

We’re human not robots
We never compromise when it comes to human values.
Our honest, truly personal approach to service and our leading IT solutions will enable our partners to step into the future, confidently.

Their Manifesto:

Because we are human…
We see the people behind the businesses we support.
We find solutions through creative thinking.
We fail efficiently and learn from our mistakes.
We use technology as a tool and not a way of life.
We are capable of building and fostering honest relationships.
We embrace and adapt to change.
We love and respect one another.
We have the ability to empathise.
We believe in our ability to offer the highest service.
We will never cease our efforts to be the best solutions provider.

The website was simplified and redesigned to reflect the new Brand Narrative

In order to build their corporate culture, we developed rituals that reflected the brand narrative. This enabled Solid Systems to truly live their Story.

All internal communication was redeveloped and rewritten according to their Story.


A purpose-driven business ready to interact with the world authentically and successfully grow

Solid’s Culture Stars was produced as an in-depth document accompanied with workshops explaining and guiding their value-based culture. It was essential to focus on the human element present in Solid’s work. The result is a company that is aligned with its values, has a clearly defined purpose and interacts with the world in an authentic and easy to understand way.

Solid’s relevant, unique and enduring brand culture is testament to the value an immersive Culture Stars can have for any business.

“The importance of culture cannot be overstated. At SOLID, it makes us who we are, how we behave and interact with the world each and every day. Our vision is our north star which we’re always working towards and validating all our decisions against.
Working with Vincent and his team was a transformational process for us, they helped us dig deep to find our true DNA and then helped us bring it to life.“

Daniel Avenir,
Founding Partner

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