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Our transformative Sales Basics Courses solve some of the challenges that all growing businesses face especially during uncertain times: how to find ways to grow to the next level in a sustainable way.

Sales Basics consists of four training modules that will help you improve your sales strategy. It’s not about doing more – it’s about doing things differently. During the course, you will have a chance to test and try new methods to hone your skills. Courses are suitable for business owners who want to boost their own sales performance or that of their teams.

Courses are designed by international sales coaches and sales professionals with real-world sales experience themselves.

Sales Basics

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Presenting the solution

Learn how to present proposals efficiently and important considerations for your next client interaction.


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Starting the sales process

Introducing the first steps of the sales process and practical sales techniques to improve your performance.


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Closing the deal

Uncover ways to manage the client´s resistance and speed up the decision process.


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Uncover client needs and expectations

Learn how to analyse your client´s challenges and start to create winning proposals.


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Sales basics bundle

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What sets us apart?

All our courses are designed by sales experts with proven track records and decades of experience in sales.

On completion of the Sales Basics, you will have learnt the following: 

  • How to improve the sales process and secure the meeting
  • How to analyse the client’s needs and create winning proposals
  • How to present effective solutions with guaranteed results
  • How to successfully close the deal


Is this course for you?

This course is suitable for business owners that want to improve their sales strategies and grow their business. Those business owners who are struggling to grow their business in a sustainable way and those who want to learn smart sales tools that help build client relationships that last. These courses are suitable for those who wish to learn at their own pace.

Course Outlines

Our courses are case-based learning and all sections contain case examples and tasks. We strongly encourage learners to select real-world sales cases of their own to apply newly acquired insights and learnings into practice.

Each module takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete or they can be completed at your own pace.

Module 1: Get the ball rolling with the client

Apply tried and tested sales methods to improve the first steps of your sales process.


Section 1: Get to know the client

  • Client profiling: Who is the client, what do they do, and what does their business look like?
  • Internal analysis: What can we deliver for this client? How do we smartly use our internal resources?
  • Who should we contact and get a meeting with?

Section 2: Get the meeting

  • The importance of creating a Sales story
  • Evaluating who to bring with you to the meeting
  • How to prepare and contact the client

Section 3: In the meeting

  • Setting up a successful meeting
  • Understand the client better by asking the right questions
  • Identifying the real decision-maker and uncovering the client’s purchasing process

Module 2: Uncovering needs and expectations

Understand the needs and challenges of your client and what is needed for a winning proposal.


Section 1: What pain points are they trying to address?

  • How to address the client’s challenges and bottlenecks in order to formulate a winning proposal
  • Evaluate who the challenges affect and how
  • Evaluate the consequences for the client for not solving their problems

Section 2: What is needed to solve their pain points?

  • How to “cure” the client’s pain points
  • How to turn the client’s pain points into values and messages that are needed to create a winning proposal
  • Creating a value-based proposal
  • Evaluating the resources and schedule for implementing the solution

Section 3: What solution could we provide?

  • To look for references and experiences from similar cases
  • To evaluate the capabilities for implementing the solution
  • To evaluate the financial scope for implementing the solution


Module 3: Present the solution

How to prepare and present solutions in an effective manner.


Section 1: Review

  • How well you understand your client’s needs
  • How to formulate a winning story
  • Uncover the client’s decision-making process

Section 2: Prepare

  • To plan the process and create the closing plan
  • To evaluate what kind of roles are needed in the project team
  • To plan and build your presentation

Section 3: Present

  • How to prepare to present the solution
  • What to take into consideration when presenting

Module 4: Closing the deal

How to successfully close the deal.


Section 1: Closing start from beginning

  • How to set your actions to support closing already in the beginning
  • How to ask the right questions that give you information to support your closing plan
  • How to contact the client successfully

Section 2: Clearing obstacles

  • To understand your client’s concerns and responding to them
  • To vaccinate against opposition

Section 3: Ending the process successfully

  • How to speed up the clients decision-making process
  • How to negotiate a satisfying contract
  • How to successfully close the deal

Learn through experience

Our transformative Sales Basics Courses were developed by sales experts with proven track records and decades of experience in sales.

Amund Fjeldstad - Fjeldstad & Partners

Managing director, author, speaker and sales expert

Amund has been selling for thirty years. He has run major sales operations in over thirty countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He has also hosted countless seminars on closing, as well as being the author of four books.


Mika Jantunen - Intolead

Managing director, speaker and sales coach

Mika has been doing sales and development of sales operations for over 20 years internationally. Mika’s special expertise revolves around developing sales models and tools to support sales moving into value and insight-based sales models.


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