Case Study

Towards scalable business with digital academy

Deep Lead Digital Academy

Deep Lead is a Finnish company founded in 2002, specializing in management, executive coaching, and goal-oriented interaction coaching. The company’s mission is to coach clients to develop leadership and goal-oriented interaction into a measurable success factor. The coaching is based on the Deep Leadership® coaching methods, which have become widely known through Deep Lead’s coaching and training events. More than 30 000 people have been trained in these coaching sessions and the number of respondents for Deep Leadership® profiles has already exceeded 400 000.


Digitizing a traditional coaching program

Deep Lead’s coaching has a background of 25 years of scientific research and 20 years of active practical development. The aim was to deliver a 9-month coaching program in a fully digital format to achieve profitable growth, new customers and scalable business.


The Digital Deep Lead Academy

Intolead helped conceptualize the digital coaching program. Ease of use, perceptiveness, inclusiveness and insight are at the heart of the implementation. Crucially, the process requires virtually no input from personal coaches. Intolead was responsible for the selection, set-up, learning design and content production of the digital learning environment. Intolead also sparred with Deep Lead’s key stakeholders in building the Academy’s sales and marketing strategy.



An effective digital coaching program to support skills development and culture change

Through an automated, 9-month coaching process, the entire staff of even a large organisation can be coached in about a year, achieving maximum impact on the culture of the whole organisation at minimum cost compared to the work done by personal coaches. Another interesting feature is the AI-based virtual coach who spars with participants along the learning journey.

Inspiring and pedagogically high-quality tasks and interactions, a downloadable workbook and communities support assimilation of knowledge and peer learning. The digital coaching program was implemented simultaneously in both Finnish and English, allowing for immediate international scalability.

Intolead’s strong expertise in digital learning solutions and content as well as growth and internationalization has brought clear added value to the development of the Deep Lead Digital Academy and has helped us build an effective digital coaching package. Our cooperation has been smooth and effective from the very beginning!

Vesa Nissinen,
President / Deep Lead