Case Study

Gamified onboarding path inspires learning at Lappset

An induction game promotes learning and retention of new employees

Lappset Group Oy is one of the world’s leading playground and outdoor exercise equipment manufacturers. Lappset was founded in Rovaniemi, and the company has been dedicated to promoting play and movement for over 50 years now. The purpose of the company is to increase well-being in the world by creating inspiring pla(y)ces that feed your imagination, enhance learning, respects the environment, and encourages humanity to be more active. Lappset has its own subsidiaries and an extensive global network of distributors.


How to develop an inspiring and effective orientation program?

Lappset needed to implement a pedagogically high-quality, inspiring and Group-wide induction programme and learning path for its staff and distributor network. At the heart of the programme is e-learning. The virtual onboarding, which is concrete, supports active learning and reflects the spirit of Lappset. The focus was also on flexible and mobile usability, inspiration and richness of content. On the other hand, the online training also had to be integrated into everyday work and include links to live events, webinars and content and training available on other systems.

The aim is that, after completing the induction programme, employees know the essentials about Lappset and its policies, and that they can start their work and induction process as smoothly as possible and as soon as possible after starting their employment. A playful induction builds enthusiasm and enjoyment, as well as commitment to Lappset’s values, culture, strategy and practices.


Gamification to support learning

In collaboration with Lappset experts, Intolead designed and implemented an inspiring and gamified digital onboarding program based on solid pedagogical expertise and experience in digital learning. Intolead was responsible not only for the learning design, pedagogical design and scripting, but also for the design of the user interface and the Lappset-branded visual identity, as well as the realization of the necessary visualizations. Lappset’s key people formed a co-development team, which brought its own strong content expertise to the process and whose work was sparred and facilitated by Intolead, together with P&C Manager Heli Koistinen, who was responsible for the project at Lappset.

The design is based on Intolead’s onboarding game concept. The online training consists of effective and relevant content to help different groups of employees learn about their jobs, products and services, and the basics of the company. The implementation includes a lot of videos, interactive elements, and varied tasks. Gamification is used to support motivation and to achieve learning objectives. The onboarding game is designed in a modular way so that users can choose the relevant content according to their role.


A flexible digital onboarding path offers a flying start into the world of playgrounds and sports

Digital onboarding training provides a flexible and fun way to learn the knowledge and skills a new employee needs, regardless of time and place. The onboarding game was implemented in both Finnish and English, making it a smooth and efficient way to deliver orientation in all company locations and countries. The modularity of the game and the links to various events and content, for example on Lappset’s intranet, ensure that the content is usable and up-to-date also in the future.

“The orientation game implemented by Intolead was a great success. The end result is in line with Lappset’s brand and objectives: visual, inspiring and playful. The collaboration was smooth across the board, and the game has received a lot of positive feedback from the end users: five out of five!”

Heli Koistinen,
People & Culture Manager,
Lappset Group