Case Study

VALOA – towards a coaching and learning work culture in central government

VALOA Case Study

The transformation of working life is also strongly visible in the state administration. The State is promoting networked cooperation, a phenomenon-oriented approach, the ability to innovate and strategic agility, among other things.

The Working Life Services team is part of the State Treasury. It is a partner in strengthening the capacity for change in government organisations. Together with a wide range of developer networks and partners, it aims to support the capacity for renewal, the functioning of work communities and good working life, as well as the work towards sustainable development in the State administration.


The State Working Life Services team set out to develop a website that supports and promotes a coaching and learning work culture, based on a commonly identified need. The aim was to provide inspiring and engaging content in an easy-to-use, practical way to support the change of work culture in a changing and connected working life.


In cooperation with the Working Life Services and government developers, Intolead conceptualised the VALOA website to promote a coaching and learning work culture in government and was involved in its first implementation phase. Intolead was responsible for the visual design, the user interface design and the scripting of the main content of the website. In addition, Intolead produced an illustrative animated video presenting the VALOA website and the coaching and learning work culture as a whole and its benefits to users.


The VALOA website has been co-created with users. It forms a stimulating and inspiring work culture experimentation package. The content and services on the site will help to develop approaches to pool resources and expertise across administrative boundaries to achieve better results and effectiveness, satisfied customers, motivated employees and an evolving public administration. The website was launched at State Expo 2022 and its content is constantly evolving.