Case Study

The freedom and safety of model flying starts with skills

The Finnish Aeronautical Association Case Study

The Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) is the national umbrella organisation for sport and recreational aviation, founded in 1919. It has more than 226 member clubs and around 7,300 individual members. The clubs are spread evenly throughout Finland, from Hanko to Ivalo and from Vaasa to Joensuu. The FAA’s vision is that the whole of Finland will be actively engaged in aviation. It helps its members to ensure and strengthen their aviation skills and to promote the development of traditional and new aviation.



With the new EU regulation, the operating conditions for unmanned recreational aviation are changing. The FAA and the Aircraft Committee needed to develop communication on the change and provide multi-modal training solutions for the aviation enthusiasts of the FAA as part of the operational models required by the new licenses.


Together with key members of the FAA, Intolead designed and implemented a website for the FAA’s rules for the model flying activities and an interactive and inspiring online course for members of the FAA wishing to complete the SIL16 Unmanned Aerial Practitioner qualification. Intolead was not only responsible for the learning design and pedagogical design of the online course but also designed the overall visual identity and the necessary illustrative and media elements to illustrate the regulations.


The model flying rules website and the online course for the SIL16 qualification provide a flexible and inspiring way for aviation enthusiasts to learn independently the licenced and safe practices for unmanned aviation. It will make it easier and more versatile to obtain the qualifications required for model flying, regardless of the type of activity. The FAA will be able to better serve its members and the implementation of qualification exams will be more efficient.

“Working with Intolead was easy and smooth. The result was a visually striking package. Intolead’s experts brought insight and expertise to the project that will continue to propel aviation enthusiasts’ learning experiences to new heights.”

Petri Kantola, Chairman, Unmanned Aviation Committee, Finnish Aeronautical Association.