Case Study

Co-creating the joint vision
for Finnish music education

Vision 2030 for Finnish Music Education

Finnish music education is an internationally recognised success story. It fosters musical diversity and individual learning paths at different stages of life. Education not only ensures a lifelong hobby, but it also provides the opportunity to develop into a top musical professional.


How might we ensure that goal-oriented and high-quality music study and hobby is possible everywhere in Finland also in the future?

Over the last decades, the music education system has experienced various structural changes and budget cuts. As a result of this, the decision-making and resource allocation in the field have lacked solid centralised coordination. At the same time, people have an increasingly better understanding of the role of music in the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and new expectations and opportunities have emerged for music education to make an even greater impact in the society.


Co-creating a shared vision for the field together with the key stakeholders

In order for the Finnnish music education system to maintain its unique qualities also in the future, the goal was to establish a joint vision and an overall understanding of shared goals. The aim was to implement the vision process as an extensive network collaboration that brings together all levels of education and actors in the field.

Together with the steering group, Intolead designed a series of seminars and workshops and facilitated the co-creation process. The vision work involved nearly 1,500 people, who represented professionals and students as well as the most important stakeholder groups in music education. The process included three seminars, three webinars and an online survey. Based on the co-creation workshops, survey and research material, the steering group of the project compiled a shared vision for the field towards 2030. The vision work was facilitated and sparred throughout the 18-month journey by Intolead.


Vision, goals and actions that everyone can stand behind

The vision takes a stand on the shared value base and accessibility of music education as well as its practices in teaching and leadership. It also outlines the framework for the cooperation, structural development, and more efficient use of resources in the field. The changes that need to be made have been summed up in 25 action proposals. Learn more about the vision here.

As a result of the process the Finnish music education now has for the first time a common direction for its future. The field has now a shared set goals that everyone can stand behind and contribute to. This makes the vision and the whole process ground-breaking not only in Finland but also internationally.

Petri Home from Intolead brought significant added value to the planning and implementation of the vision work. Petri’s knowledge of co-creation and foresight methods, facilitation expertise and experience in strategy development brought structure, rhythm and discipline to the entire process, and greatly helped the steering group with the successful execution of the whole process.

Jouni Auramo,
Chair of the Vision 2030 Steering Group, Principal of the Pirkanmaa Music Institute and Chair of the Association of Finnish Music Schools