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From basketball courts to online

HNMKY Basketball Case Study

HNMKY (Helsinki YMCA) is an organization that is part of the worldwide YMCA movement based in Helsinki, Finland. HNMKY was founded in 1889 and is known for its pioneering youth work. Throughout the years, HNMKY has been launching many significant new activities in Finland, of which one of the most well-known is introducing basketball to Finland back in 1927.


How to support the independent training activities of basketball players during the Corona outbreak induced standstill?

Amongst other things, HNMKY is running one of the largest and most successful basketball clubs in Finland with approximately 1200 players. As all the training activities came to a halt because of the Corona restrictions, the coaches were facing an acute challenge. How to support and encourage the players in their independent training? How to take the training online and retain visibility to the independent activities of the players.


Digital platform supports coaching and training

We at Intolead wanted to do our part to help mitigate the crisis and offered our help to HNMKY on a pro bono basis. Together with the HNMKY coaches, we co-created a solution in an agile way. Within two weeks we had the first prototype of the concept including a digital training diary for the athletes and a dashboard for the coaches to follow up the activities on a team level. After initial testing, the concept was taken into use by all of the HNMKY Basketball’s 10 varsity teams with approximately 400 players.

The next iteration was a lightweight app-like interface for the players with enhanced features, such as a dashboard, plus feedback channel for the coaches. This was taken into use within 6 weeks from the get-go.

With a wealth of positive feedback from both the players and the coaches, we then proceeded to brainstorm new features together with HNMKY coaches.


Mobile Training app for the players and coaches

The result of our joint effort is a native mobile Training app tailored to suit the needs of both coaches and players. New features include e.g. a possibility for the coaches to add and share training plans, set goals and send push notifications for the players. Players have also a possibility to set goals for themselves. We are currently testing the app and deploying it shortly.

“The path from idea to prototype and an implemented solution has been fast, iterative, co-creative, and user-centered. For HNMKY Basketball teams, players and coaches the digital training platform has offered new possibilities. Not only it enhances the coaching and training activities off-court and between the breaks, but also provides a powerful tool for boosting team practices during the season.”

Juuso Milén,
Head of Coaching

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