Case Study

Inspiring induction process

Barona Customer Case Study

Founded in 1999, Barona is a leading employment agency offering future-focused services and visionary partnerships with its clients. Barona is based in Finland, with offices in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and Russia.


How to engage and quickly onboard new employees regardless of time and place

Barona has an international network of thousands of employees who operate in several countries. Corporate induction and onboarding were previously done in classroom training sessions which were time consuming and outdated. The whole process needed to be updated and modernised inline with new digital business transformation practices.


Coaching and facilitation throughout the whole eLearning process

In co-operation with Intolead, Barona started planning a digital solution that would not be limited to time and place, but instead, an induction process that would be flexible, easy to implement and accessible across the entire organisation.

The induction process was executed in digital format as eLearning. The key idea was to combine user-centred design and content that is easy to update and maintain in the future.

Certain important business needs were highlighted by Barona, which had to be addressed in line with their business strategy. These included, specific focus on expressing Barona’s unique corporate culture as well as other important immersive learning areas within the business.

Intolead facilitated and guided Barona through the eLearning process helping them to understand the importance of digitising their induction model. Barona’s content expertise was combined with Intolead’s digital learning expertise to create successful onboarding campaign.

After the content planning and manuscript writing, Intolead started the visual design phase in line with Barona’s new brand guidelines. Their brand identity was smoothly incorporated into our gameboard concept. During the production process, Barona provided video content which worked well both inside the eLearning environment as well as stand-alone content which could be utilised for other internal branding uses.


An inspiring induction process that increased employee engagement

Barona’s induction process was produced as a highly visual induction game with numerous interactive elements and videos that presented the content in an awe-inspiring way. It was essential to focus on supporting Barona’s strong, unique brand culture and to come up with engaging solutions that would last well into the future.

“Intolead was able to quickly produce an induction process that was aligned with Barona’s brand image and desired tone of voice. Intolead’s experience in the digital learning space was present during the entire process from the planning to implementation. We are very pleased with the visual outcome together with the pedagogical impact of our online induction. We have also received great feedback from our new employees.”

Marita Paajaste,
HR Director