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Finnish Digital Agency Case Study

Finnish Digital Agency started its operation in the beginning of 2020 when Finnish Population Register Centre and Local register Offices Maistraatti joined their forces. Finnish Digital Agency has 36 offices and 900 employees together with 300 consultants or software developers operating in three different countries. The Finnish Digital Agency provides services for the life events of its customers leading the way, reforming society and supporting citizens in their interaction with public administration.


How to get all aboard on the lean digitalization framework

Finnish Digital Agency started to utilize a new digitalization framework to support their agile portfolio and service management. The big public sector organization consists of employees with different skill levels and to many the new framework appeared abstract and complex.

The need was both to give an overview and understanding of the framework and also to train the Finnish Digital Agencys staff so they can start using the new framework together with its practices.

One identified challenge was how to find best ways to communicate and effectively train the new way of working to the employees.


Visual management combined with online training supports the deployment

Experience from previous projects has already shown that in order to succeed in the deployment process, it’s essential to invest to the training and to use tangible and user-centric communication.

In the starting phase of the project Intolead created an animation that introduced the main principles and the benefits of the framework in an easy and understandable way. Together with the animation an overall visual identity was created that supports the visual management and different communicational materials. You may watch the animation here .

After the communication phase Finnish Digital Agency started to plan and execute the training materials. Digital learning was chosen in order to serve the widely spread organization. The training was fulfilled with user-centrified methods and it consisted of several everyday case-examples together with inspiring videos. One main objective for the training was to implant the new ways of working to everyday work of the employees. Separate trainings were launched that were aimed for different target audiences.
During launch Intolead created a small campaign to raise curiosity and recognition within the organization.


Measuring the impact will help the development work in the future

Effective communicational materials with their own visual identity were created together with interactive and easily absorbed trainings. Feedback is actively gathered and the impact measured in order to further develop the trainings to meet the changing needs also in the future.

“The existing frameworks for visual management and digital learning that Intolead has, helped to speed up the change transformation within DVV organization. Intolead was able to offer the kind of “out of the box” type of thinking that was needed in order to support the change execution.”

Esa Keränen,
Development Manager