Successful sales strategies for internationalisation are built on agility and continuous learning

Pandemic. War. Unpredictability and uncertainty. Does this mean long-term planning ends up being wasted effort?

If we mean stable and detailed elephantine long-term plans telling people exactly what to do, then the answer is a clear yes. When we talk about having long-term goals and a vision as the ultimate destination, then no. Strategies that are agile, adaptive, responsive, as well as action-oriented, are very much needed to align all your ongoing efforts with the big picture.

An agile sales strategy is the foundation of internationalisation, especially when you invest in new and unfamiliar markets. An agile sales strategy is your guiding star at the crossroads to success. An agile sales strategy enables your operational plans to address emerging needs.

Agile sales strategy for internationalisation is for makers and doers

Who will benefit from creating agile international sales strategies? Based on Intolead’s experience and expertise, companies that are considering entering culturally different markets. People who are makers and doers, people who believe in hands-on approach and learning by doing.

Intolead recently worked with Mesh Work Wireless on creating their agile sales strategy for a new market. Based on the vision created, an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) focused actionable plan was created during four sessions taking place within a month. The key goals for the agile sales strategy in this case were:

  • Help local customers understand the offering
  • Minimize misunderstandings along the sales process
  • Shorter sales cycle
Ingredients for a successful sales strategy for internationalisation

The ultimate goal of your sales strategy should be progress-making action as quickly as possible. Action should always override perfection. The focus should be on market needs, not on product features.

An ideal sales strategy partner not only knows the target market but also accelerates your sales efforts. Your sales strategy evolves based on actions with potential customers. Your sales culture, sales processes and platforms will resonate with the needs of the new market you are about to conquer.