Previously acquired expertise has an expiry date, and for many of us it is already behind us. The life cycle of competence is shortening in the transition of work, and investing in employee training is becoming increasingly essential for the success of companies. By taking your training online, you can free up resources, increase job satisfaction, and engage your employees.

It is in the self-interest of companies to ensure that the competence and tasks of employees match each other in terms of both knowledge and skills. Therefore, more attention must also be paid to competence management. It will help companies to remain competitive also in the future. Investing in competence development is a strategic choice for an organization, so building a culture of continuous learning begins with the leadership. Is your company committed to it?


Free up resources for better use

Organizing face-to-face training requires time, money, premises, and equipment. Online training is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly, due to reduced travel associated with training events. From the business perspective, the best thing about online training, in addition to learning new skills, is that the time saved can be used for productive work.

The scale of investment required for e-learning varies. You can get started, for example, by acquiring a single course or learning module from an external partner, providing information on a given topic. At the other end of the scale it can mean investing in your own learning environment that actively supports employee competence development. Of course, there are also cost-effective, cloud-based solutions for this.


You can only win by training your company’s employees

According to research*, companies with a committed workforce are up to 20% more profitable than others. In keynote speeches, almost every manager agrees that staff engagement is critical to the business. Yet, in practice actions are often limited. Commitment to the organization can be facilitated by having challenging work tasks, internal and external training, coaching and mentoring, as well as the benefits derived from them.

With training, it is possible to promote job satisfaction and flexibility in work tasks. As learning develops work and benefits the work community, it pays off to value the employees and provide them with time to study during working hours.


A committed employee is your company’s most important asset because he or she will
  • follow the company’s strategy
  • trust the management
  • want to develop the company’s operations
  • improve the company’s turnover
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • find their own work meaningful
  • feel motivated and want to achieve the goals set
  • provide better quality work and be more productive
  • give positive impression of the organization, and strengthen the employer image

We at Intolead are experts in digital learning and can help you in building effective training solutions that support your company’s competence development needs. Our engaging and user-centric contents are always pedagogically high-quality and visually inspiring. If you have something to ask about e-learning, please contact us. Together, we can create a training solution that best serves your needs. Check out also our digital learning services.

*Source: Forbes (2018): Four Lessons From Companies That Get Employee Engagement Right